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Leadership Through Partnerships

The Blairstown Museum continually seeks creative and innovative partnerships, which will enable us to join forces with other organizations and people in an effort to leverage core capacities for greater service to the public.

In addition to preserving and exhibiting historical stories and artifacts, the Blairstown Museum continually offers community outreach, public programs, preservation projects, and family-friendly events. Our strategic partnerships enable us to form key alliances to assist with these efforts.

In particular, we utilize our strategic alliances to:

  • Achieve greater leverage to build awareness and advocacy;
  • Address complex issues that require coordinating multiple stakeholders;
  • Provide an integrated continuum of services to meet organizational needs;
  • Strengthen or expand programs, service quality and performance;
  • Gain back-office or administrative efficiencies;
  • Achieve greater economies of program scale; and
  • Enter new geographies, provide new services, and reach new people.

If your organization would like to partner with us, please email info@blairstownmuseum.com to initiate the conversation.

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Small Space, Big Offerings


Main Street's cutest spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a magazine and charge your mobile device for free.


Access to 5,000+ newspapers from the 1700s–2000s and a property database means we can help with your research.


We rotate our carefully planned exhibits every two-months in order to provide you with fresh historic content.


Every historic exhibit case has its own digital display and our Lounge Area has Digital Books for your enjoyment.


Support our efforts by purchasing items, many of which are supplied by local artists, crafters and farmers.


Providing visitors with free WiFi is another way to keep you connected to our growing online community.